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Scholarship Donations, Advertising, and Recruitment Forms

The 10th NHSDF web site is up and working. 
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The 2010 National High School Dance Festival will be held at New World
School of the Arts in Miami, FL, March 18-21. We look forward to
celebrating our 20th year with you.

The 2010 National High School Dance Festival will be held at New World
School of the Arts in Miami, FL, March 18-21. We look forward to
celebrating our 20th year with you.

The Festival and New World School of the Arts (Daniel Lewis, Dean of Dance) will host over 1500 high school students plus teachers, chaperones and dance professionals from across the United States and abroad for an exciting four days of classes, workshops, performances and scholarship auditions.  The official website will be updated during the summer and all information will then be available at In the meantime, see listed below, important fees and deadlines to help you plan. Summer updates will be sent to email addresses on file.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Enjoy your well deserved
summer break.

Thank you and all the best.

Dr. Kathryn Kearns
Founder/Executive Director, NHSDF

No fees are due or accepted at this time.
• School Registration Fee ($225 – includes registration for 2 teachers or
1 teacher/1 chaperone) – due November 16, 2009
• Student registration ($105 per student) – due January 15, 2010
• Additional teachers and chaperones ($75)
• All registration forms with fees will be due January 15, 2010
• Adjudication videos or DVDs – due December 8, 2009
• Adjudication fees – $25 per each work viewed (to be included with
video/DVD packet).
• Hotels range in price from $80 to $189 (+ 13% tax)/ up to 4 per room.
• Faculty Volunteer forms will be due October 12, 2009.
• Vendor & Recruitment booth registrations will be due January 15, 2010.

All exhibit spaces are $300.00 which covers up to two recruiters. Each
additional recruiter is $75.

Details on all information above will be posted on the website
( by the end of summer.

Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis
Dean of Dance
New World School of the Arts
300 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33132

Phone 305 237-3582
Fax 305 237-3738



8th National High School Dance Festival
March 30th-April 2nd 2006
                            New World School of the Arts, Miami, Florida
                            300 Northeast 2nd Avenue
                            Miami, Florida 33132

October 24, 2006

Dear Dance Program Director:

The 8th National High School Dance Festival will take place March 30th-April 2nd 2006, at New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida.  This four-day Festival will involve approximately 1200 dance students in grades 9-12 representing high schools from across the nation and abroad.  The Festival will feature approximately 150 master classes and workshops by faculty of national and international reputation, four adjudicated concerts, an exhibitor's center, college recruitment, teacher's sessions and opening and closing ceremonies.

Another feature of the Festival will be the SCHOLARSHIP AUDITION CLASSES.  Students selected to audition will be among the most outstanding high school dancers in the country.  The National High School Dance Festival invites you to be a part of this process by awarding a scholarship to one of these deserving students.  At the previous National High School Dance Festival, over $250,000 in scholarships was offered by some of the most prestigious colleges, universities, professional studio schools, and summer dance programs in the country.  We hope to increase this amount for the 8th National Festival.

Separate designated audition classes will be held on Thursday, March 30, 2006 beginning at 8:30 a.m. Each student auditioning will be required to participate in one of six classes consisting of both modern and ballet techniques.  There will be a mandatory warm-up for 30 minutes prior to each audition class. Auditions will be completed by 4:30 p.m. (See attached schedule).

A packet of all student application forms for audition classes will be available for all scholarship donors. There is no extra fee for the packet. The packets will give recruiters access to all student names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.  A parent/guardian signature is mandatory for each student’s data release. Packets for scholarship donors will be distributed at the Scholarship Audition or may be picked up at New World School of the Arts on Wednesday, March 29.

Any institution deciding to award a scholarship should send a representative to choose the recipient.  Please note that your representative will be viewing each of the audition classes.  If you are unable to send a representative (and we strongly encourage you to do so), the Festival's Scholarship Selection Committee will award your scholarship based on your institution's stated criteria.  The scholarship will be awarded at the Closing Ceremonies by the Scholarship Committee or, if you prefer, by your representative.  Closing ceremonies will be held on Sunday, April 2, 2006 at approximately 11:30 am.

We hope your school/program can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to view so many young and talented dancers at such an important Festival.  AWARDING A SCHOLARSHIP ALLOWS YOU TO PLAY A PIVOTAL ROLE IN THE FUTURES OF THESE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN.  We thank you for this consideration.

We have enclosed a Scholarship Donor Form for your use.  Please duplicate if you need extra copies and do not hesitate to contact the Scholarship Committee should you require any additional information.  All classes and auditions will be held at New World School of the Arts

New World School of the Arts is located in the heart of downtown Miami, Florida. The school is within a short walking distance from the Festival Hotels, the Gusman Theater (where all concerts will be held), a variety of eateries and first class restaurants, and an abundance of shopping opportunities. With lots of sun, palm trees and the ocean, Miami is a great setting for the National High School Dance Festival -a vibrant, truly international city. The arts are flourishing in Miami. The mix of cultures inspires artists, scholars and audiences alike.

 We look forward to welcoming you to Miami and to hearing from you. We are hoping to have all scholarships confirmed NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 5, 2005. Thank you again for your consideration in donating a scholarship.

 Most Sincerely,

Ambre Emory-Maier        
NHSDF Scholarship Chair
614.229.4860 ext. 121                  


 Daniel Lewis, Dean of Dance
New World School of the Arts
300 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33132


In accordance with the philosophy of the NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE FESTIVAL, all recruiters must observe the following guidelines:

1.   Recruiters will be allowed to observe classes, space permitting. 

2.   Recruiters may not offer students gifts or favors. 

3.   Audition classes will be held Thursday, March 30, 2006 from approximately 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.  

4.   Auditions are open only to those students and recruiters who have registered and paid as full Festival participants. 

5.   Only official representatives from each college/university and/or summer scholarships may be present at the Auditions.  No high school teachers, chaperones, parents, or students are permitted to view the Auditions. 

6.   No individual on-site auditions are permitted during the Festival.  

7.   Recruiters may distribute information about their schools and dance programs ONLY in the Exhibition area.  Meetings with individual students may be scheduled in this area. 

8.   Individual students may be interviewed ONLY in the presence of, and with the permission of, the student’s Supervising teacher. Recruiters are permitted to speak to individual students at their recruitment booths.

Miami Dance Futures Inc.  Tax Identification Number 65-0076325

Miami Dance Futures, Inc. (MDF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and growth of dance in Florida. MDF encourages, promotes and assists young Florida artists by providing administrative, financial and technical support, commissioning new artistic works, advocating, sponsoring educational conferences and developing new projects through cooperative ventures and innovative management.