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On August 17th at 6:15 pm 32 graduates from the high school and college programs of the dance division came together at the Hilton Hotel in NYC for an

With Dean Lewis
This was an amazing experience:  seeing students from 1990 to 2007 relate, share, and network.  Graduates from the New World School of the Arts are a family.

The following students attended:

Ana Padron, Diego Blanco, Chih-Chun Huang, Jeremy Smith, Yara Travieso, En-Ning Chuang, Marla Phelan, Anna Courter, Melissa Toogood, Jessica Prohias, Paunika Jones, Hattie Williams, Sergio Viglini, John Eirich, Masha (Dashkina) Maddux , Louis Marin, Diana Diaz, Heather Hamilton, Erin Reiter, Andrew Tanis, Jeannine Maffucci, Angela McDonough, Jackie Bulnes, Alexandria Love, Meghan Schardt, Alexandra Gonzalez, Randy Burd, Frances Ortiz, Gina Ortiz, Hsin-ya Hou, Lloyd Knight and Jennifer Sims.

What they had to say:

"It was both comforting and reassuring to learn that we as artists are not alone in the big city of New York. I was reminded that I will always find a family of support in New World."

Jacqueline Bulnes,  high school and college

Thank you again for dinner - it was great to see you and catch up with everyone. Wish you the best and hope to see you soon.

Alexandra Gonzalez, college

Thank you, for having the dinner! It was a great time, and was really good to touch base with people. Glad to hear things are going well with you and your family......have a good school year, I know it just started this past week!

Hattie Mae Williams, high school

I definitely want to thank you for putting together that wonderful dinner it was amazing to be around all the new world alumni and to connect to people from Miami. it was like a family reunion with family I never met before.  Thanks so much.

Ally Love, high school

I will try to post more later.  Thank you for a wonderful time.

Daniel Lewis
Dean of Dance