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Community Service and Projects


Miami Dance Futures is committed to the development of the next generation of dancers, choreographers and audiences as well as the creation of opportunities for companies dedicated to the highest level of their art form. As such, the organization provides specialized services to projects that will "make a difference" in our community.

Some Festivals and Conferences that we have produced for the Community:

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6,th and 10th NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE FESTIVAL, This festival included four performances FREE to the public at Gusman Center (2400 tickets were given to students and the general public), along with four days of master classes (125) for 1275 international students and teachers, at the New World School of the Arts.

CONGRESS ON RESEARCH IN DANCE (CORD): An international conference was hosted by Miami Dance Futures, New World School of the Arts and Intercultural Dance and Music Institute of Florida International University, November 2-5, 1995. the Topical Theme of the Conference: Dance, Myth, and Ritual in the Americas. Two hundred and eighty-five participants from around the world attended. There were performances at the New world School of the Arts and Florida International University by both local and national companies.

AMERICAN COLLEGE SOUTHEAST REGIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL, two performances at the gusman theater for the performing arts, master classes, lectures. This 3 day festival brings students and teachers from all over the southeast to exchange ideas and see choreography.

THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF FINE ARTS DEANS, The Annual conference provides an opportunity, in formal and informal settings, to network with colleagues and guests about developments in the arts or other general topics of interest.

IADMS The Tenth Annual Meeting of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.



MODERN DANCE SAMPLER: 2 performances at the Colony Theater brought ten of the finest modern dance companies in Dade County on-stage together for a evening of dance for the community. 

FLORIDA DANCE SERIES, Presenting Freddick Bratcher and Company Dance Theater, Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble, Houlihan and Dancers, and Segovia, Ballet Espaņol, for two performance November 2nd and 3rd at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts.

INDEPENDENT CHOREOGRAPHERS SERIES, This program was given for choreographers who do not have a company to work with.

DANIEL LEWIS MIAMI DANCE SAMPLER, This is a continuation of the Modern Dance Sampler renamed by Dance Now Miami and sponcered by Miami Dance Futures and the Florida Dance Education Organization.


SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, Ongoing financial support project for economically disadvantaged dance students.

ASSIST PROGRAM, Support is given free to individual artists and small companies in the form of: mailing lists, master card and Visa services, short term interest free loans, computer time and desktop publishing.

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